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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


New MWT Hierarchy

New MWT Hierarchy
Originally uploaded by MatthewD42.
I'm developing the general MWT hierarchy. This introduces the domain-specific delivery / collaboration architecture which supplements the 'plans and events' focus of general [project] management. The MWT hierarchy is also driven by the core concept to seperate management from measurement.


  • To understand how these separate functions relate think like this:

    * If you take away the separate delivery architect role you put risks on QUALITY.

    * If you take away the separate measurer you put risks on GOVERNANCE.

    * If you take away the separate manager your LEADERSHIP and ALIGNMENT WITH STRATEGY suffers.

    * If you take away the capabilities (surrounding the managed resources) the delivery architecture become more complex / detailed and harder to implement.

    So while it is possible to combine roles you must address the risks raised.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 3:06 am  

  • Some people have suggested that the delivery architect is actually a quality manager. This is partially true except 'quality managers' tend not to have the required domain knowledge.

    That is to say that 'quality management' suffers from the same problems introduced whenever we add to WHAT we manage without changing HOW we manage.

    A delivery architect must be aligned with the domain. To be an 'architect' they must know the context and capablities of the domain.

    In this sense the delivery architect can be seen as a domain specific quality manager; however they achieve quality through a different set of processes.

    The role is also beyond that of the quality manager role. If you don't think this is already happening have a look at the specialisation around procurement, software development, training, etc which ensure quality via a very specific set of repeatable activities and components (i.e. a delivery architecture).

    By Blogger Matthew, at 3:14 am  

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